Wonders returns from injury, guides No. 1 Iron Mountain over Ishpeming

2/2/2019 | Game Recap | By Bryce Derouin

F oster Wonders got punched in the mouth. That’s not hyperbole or some kind of figure of speech. In the midst of battling for a rebound, his teammate clocked him and jarred his front tooth loose. 

The game was stopped and he slowly made his way to the bench with his hands over his mouth at a point when Iron Mountain’s perfect record was in jeopardy. The damage was clear. His tooth was out of place and covered in blood. It looked like a boxer who had taken an uppercut, or the work of a makeup artist on the set of a zombie movie. When Wonders turned to show the Iron Mountain JV team behind the bench, the players gasped at the sight of it. 

“I think the tooth went all the way back and hit the roof of my mouth,” Wonders said. “It felt like my tooth fell out. I didn’t think it was attached.”

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