West Iron County’s Eden Golliher has a lot to say

12/2/2018 | Feature | By Eden Laase
Iron River

W hen Eden Golliher talks, she seems nervous. The junior speaks in rapid bursts, the words falling out of her mouth so quickly that she occasionally stumbles over them. Her spoken thoughts are punctuated by deep breaths and wide smiles, while the hands she’s been waving around to emphasize her points settle once again by her sides.

But Golliher isn’t nervous, in fact, she rarely is. She just has so much to say that she can hardly get the words out.

That’s Golliher in her natural state. At school, at home, with friends, and on the court.

It’s the week before the season opens and the junior is helping the Wykons prepare in typical Eden Golliher fashion. With each drill, defensive, offensive, a little bit of both, Golliher processes her surroundings quickly and shares what she sees.




Regardless of what’s going on on the court, there is one thing Golliher never does: Shut up.

That’s just how her coach likes it.

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