Vicenzi’s defense leads Iron Mountain past Negaunee

12/1/2018 | Game Recap | By Eden Laase

W ith the ball being inbounded on the other end of the court, Jaden Vicenzi and Jason Waterman are face-to-face. Vicenzi looks up at his opponent and says something.

Vicenzi isn’t talking trash, or trying to get in Waterman’s head; that isn’t part of his game. Instead, the two share a laugh.

“This is going to be a long game,” Vicenzi said.

He was right. 

The senior played all 32 minutes, matching up with Waterman, Negaunee’s top scorer. 

In the end, Vicenzi won the battle and Iron Mountain won the game, defeating the Miners 50-41.

When Vicenzi’s head hits the pillow tonight, he will likely sleep soundly. In part because he knows he did his job, but also because he’s flat-out drained. 

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