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Men's Brackets

Class A

Men's Brackets Class A Men's Brackets Class A Men's Brackets Class A Men's Brackets Class A Men's Brackets Class A Men's Brackets Class A

Class B

Men's Brackets Class B Men's Brackets Class B Men's Brackets Class B Men's Brackets Class B Men's Brackets Class B

Women's Brackets

Men's Rosters

Upbeat Sports

Players Graduation Year School
Bryce Derouin 2010 Bark River-Harris
Trent Keteri 2014 Houghton
Reece Castor 2019 Gladstone - NMU
Jorden Sodergren 2015 Bark River-Harris
Dylan Ranguette 2012 Big Bay de Noc
Darius Yohe 2019 Ishpeming

3s Company

Players Graduation Year School
Zach Rose 2019 Escanaba
Tyler McDonald 2019 Escanaba
Joe Gibbs 2017 Gladstone
Luke Mattson 2018 Negaunee
Christian Alexander 2018 Dorset, UK
Jared Nash 2019 Escanaba
Tyler Willette 2017 Escanaba

Brie Lippens Serenity Salon

Players Graduation Year School
Matt Richer 1993 Bark River-Harris
Matthew Richer 2018 Bark River-Harris
Justin Lippens 2009 Bark River-Harris
Ryan Lippens 2011 Bark River-Harris
John Heim 2008 Bark River-Harris
Tom Granquist 1994 North Central
Kevin Strahl 1992 Carney-Nadeau
Brian Demers 1992 Bark River-Harris

Yooper Designz

Players Graduation Year School
Pat Flood 2009 Iron Mountain
Ty Thomann 2012 Iron Mountain
Kyle Johnson 2016 Iron Mountain
Brett Beland 2009 Menominee - SVSU
Trevor Maki 2013 Superior Central
Nick McGuire 2000 Manistique
Logan Hardwick 2018 Rapid River - Bay
Christian Harris 2011 Rapid River
Marvin Cherette 2002 Bark River-Harris


Players Graduation Year School
Dallas Goodman 1993 Lincoln West - Northland
Brad Besonen 1995 E-TC - Northland
Ben Rikkola 1996 Mellen - Northland
Marcus Besonen 1998 E-TC
Eli Nordine 2019 E-TC
Austin Berglund 2017 E-TC
Mitch Borseth 2018 Ontonagon

Bloniarz Farms

Players Graduation Year School
Marcus McKenney 2012 Menominee - Bay
Jake Brock 2013 Stephenson
Mike Polfus 2003 Carney-Nadeau - NMU
Jake Polfus 1999 Carney-Nadeau - Finlandia
Jason Boucher 1998 Menominee - GVSU
David Ashby 2003 Bark River-Harris
Paul Polfus 1969 Gourley High
Justin Bloniarz 2006 Bark River-Harris
Jared Benson 2007 Carney-Nadeau - NMU


Players Graduation Year School
Jake Kleiman 2018 Carney-Nadeau
Jordan Janofski 2018 C-N - UW-Marinette
Preston Lauscher 2018 C-N - UW-Marinette
Bryson Groos 2018 Bark River-Harris
Jason Kirschner 2018 Carney-Nadeau
Tucker Taylor 2019 Gwinn
James Casey 2016 Big Bay de Noc

Wangerin Loggin

Players Graduation Year School
Travis Wangerin 2013 Stephenson
Casey Wilson 2013 Stephenson
Josh Beauchamp 2012 Iron Mountain
Tyler Beauchamp 2010 Kingsford
Josh Granquist 2014 North Central
Jared Rivard 2013 Menominee
Travis Champeau 2013 Menominee
Jordan Berth 2014 Peshtigo
Aaron Petit 2012 Marinette
Joe Simon 2009 Marquette

Driftwood Sport and Fuel

Players Graduation Year School
James Londree 2009 Wasaukee
Pat Caine 2009 Wasaukee
Jojo Sardina 2011 Greendale
Nick Ryan 2014 Blaine
Matt Nord 2002 Iron Mountain
Jimmy Veker 2014 L'Anse
Dylan Johnson 2011 Superior Central

Range Auto

Players Graduation Year School
Jaden Janke 2018 Dollar Bay - Finlandia
Devin Schmitz 2018 Dollar Bay - Tech
Brendan LeClaire 2018 Dollar Bay
Hart Holmgren 2018 Ishpeming - NMU
Garret Warren 2012 Chassell
Jesse Kentala 2000 Dollar Bay
Abe Gockenbach 2019 Chassell

Team Furg

Players Graduation Year School
Ethan Dombrowski 2012 North Central
Cody Whitens 2012 North Central
Tyler Verhagen 2009 North Central
Troy Ekberg 2016 North Central
Ryan Whitens 2016 North Central
Cory Johnson 2012 North Dickinson
Mike Roell 2007 North Dickinson - Tech
Garrett O'Neil 2017 North Dickinson
Trent Heath 2014 Pembine

Ray's Feed Mill

Players Graduation Year School
Jace Briggs 2017 Bark River-Harris
Nick Lippens 2017 Bark River-Harris
Cole Ray 2018 Bark River-Harris
Ryan Arndt 2018 Bark River-Harris
Cody Welch 2014 Bark River-Harris
Dylan Draze 2016 Bark River-Harris
Bryce Sundquist 2016 Bark River-Harris

Just Happy To Be Here

Players Graduation Year School
Damian Richmond 2016 Mid Pen
Michael Floyd 2010 Bark River-Harris
Carl Branstrom 2002 Mid Peninsula
Brett Branstrom 2013 Mid Peninsula - NMU
Levi LaTulip 2009 Big Bay de Noc
Corey Scovill 2012 Rapid River
Kyle Kleiman 2014 Bark River-Harris
Colton Ranguette 2012 Big Bay de Noc

Women's Rosters

Harvey Pattern

Players Graduation Year School
Cheryne Clements 2002 Baraga - Finlandia
Melissa Harvey 2008 Iron Mountain
Brigitte LaPointe 2002 Baraga - Finlandia
Carsyn Osterman 2017 Baraga - UW-Stout
Justine King 2010 Omro
Jodie Pendergast 2006 Omro

Jacobson Logging

Players Graduation Year School
Katie Depuydt 2010 North Central
Jenni Polfus 2008 Stephenson
Rachael Schmidt 2010 Stephenson
Brogan Anderson 2018 North Dickinson
Teidra Fuson 2017 Norway
Taylor Linder 2018 Carney-Nadeau
Desirae Belec 2018 Carney-Nadeau
Sarah Jackson 2018 Carney-Nadeau
Tessa Cocco 2010 Carney-Nadeau

Steinhauer Insurance

Players Graduation Year School
Michelle Palmgren 2006 Rapid River
Elicia Steinhauer 2007 Engadine
Michelle Carne 2008 Escanaba
Brooke Granquist 2009 North Central
Ashlee Anderson 2011 Gladstone
Trista Baron 2012 Escanaba
Lauryn Bloniarz 2019 Bark River-Harris
Cassidi Stannard 2019 Bark River-Harris
Hailee Demers 2019 Bark River-Harris
Olivia Nash 2012 Escanaba


Players Graduation Year School
Maddison Lindquist 2016 Bark River-Harris - Lakeland
Megan Will 2017 Lake Mills - Lakeland
Miranda Jacobson 2015 North Dickinson - Lakeland
Riley Phelps 2016 White Pigeon - Lakeland
Hannah Kanyuh 2016 Rapid River - Lakeland
Kelsey Boucher 2017 Bark River-Harris
Savannah Barron 2017 Escanaba
Amy Baumler 1998 Carney-Nadeau

Game Recaps

Game Recap

St. Ignace falls short to Adrian Lenawee Christian in state title game

3/23/2019 | Game Recap | By Eden Laase |

For four quarters St. Ignace did what St. Ignace does. Emily Coveyou outmaneuvered defenders in the paint. Hallie Marshall picked pockets. Emmalee Hart drew three charges. The Saints flew around on defense, frustrated Adrian Lenawee Christian and created a chaotic mess of a basketball game. But for the first time all season, it wasn’t enough. For the first time, an...

Game Recap

Marshall's key shots send St. Ignace into state title game

3/21/2019 | Game Recap | By Bryce Derouin |

There are two versions of Hallie Marshall that Dorene Ingalls notices. There’s the facilitator, content with orchestrating an offense to utilize St. Ignace’s versatile offensive weapons. This version of Marshall usually shows up against teams who lay back in their defense. Blowouts and such where late-game heroics aren’t necessary. But there’s an internal switch that seems to get flipped whenever...

Game Recap

St. Ignace handles late-game pressure, advances to state title

3/21/2019 | Game Recap | By Eden Laase |

The big stage and bright lights were a bit too much for St. Ignace. As Emily Coveyou, Hallie Marshall and Madison Olsen sat with microphones in hand and cameras rolling, journalists peppered them with questions. The girls were visibly nervous and struggled to come up with answers. But moments before, on the real stage, the Saints did not succumb to...