Sophomore Jaden Borseth reaches 1,000 points

2/12/2020 | Feature | By Eden Laase

L eading up to Ewen-Trout Creek’s game against Dollar Bay, Jaden Borseth’s family and friends were busy.

His grandma had a professional poster printed with Borseth in his E-TC uniform over a backdrop that read “Jaden Borseth, 1,000 points,” the 1,000 written in massive, block numerals. 

A few students utilized their English teacher’s heat press to make white t-shirts with a photo of Borseth, and the same words: “Jaden Borseth, 1,000 points.” They even made an extra one for him.

When the game finally tipped off on Tuesday in Ewen, two more signs — one white and one yellow had been made.

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