Rapid River snaps skid, defeats BR-H

12/11/2018 | Game Recap | By Keith Shelton
Rapid River

S taring 0-4 in the face after a sloppy first half of basketball, the Rapid River Rockets were down to put up or shut up time. Their star player, Tyler Sundling, had a hand on every play but had little to show for it offensively. In fact, there were nearly as many turnovers as the Rockets had points and most of them unforced at that. 

So when it came down to crunch time, head coach Rich Poma looked at his two towers: 6-foot-4 Tony DeMars and 6-foot-2 Sam Orth. Go big or go home. 

DeMars, in particular, was a beast at both ends, taking the burden off Sundling and leading the Rockets to a 55-41 victory over Bark River-Harris Monday night. 

“It’s nice; it feels like there’s a little breathing room,” Poma said. “It feels like a little weight lifted off your shoulders.

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