Press shifts momentum, propels Westwood past WIC

3/12/2019 | Feature | By Eden Laase

K arlie Patron had a singular thought running through her mind: “This is our game.”

That’s what she kept telling herself every time she looked up at the scoreboard. But the light-up numbers on either side didn’t really indicate that.

Her Westwood Patriots were trailing West Iron County. First by a couple, then by three, then all of a sudden, by seven. Seven points doesn’t seem like much, but WIC was in total control at that point, midway through the third quarter.

“We just keep saying that this game was ours. We were going to come back and win. It was ours and we deserved it,” she said. Patron was right. This was Westwood’s game. And all it took to claim a 50-46 vicotry was a press.

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