Podcast: Recapping the All-UP Girls Basketball teams

4/10/2020 | Feature | By Staff

B ryce and Eden recap the All-UP Girls Basketball teams and discuss the deep field of talent this year.


My first year: L'Anse's Chad Rice

5/20/2020 | Feature | By Bryce Derouin

First-year coaches may meet some of the unexpected challenges high school basketball presents. So this offseason, Upbeat will check in with head coaches to have them reflect on their first varsity basketball head coaching experience and discuss how they will use that to shape the program going forward. We continue this series with Chad Rice, who led the L’Anse girls...

How Lexi Gussert is exploring her passion for coaching

5/13/2020 | Feature | By Keith Shelton

Here is everything you need to know about Lexi Gussert. It's not the miles of accolades, the power moves, the lighting up of scoreboards all across the Upper Peninsula, or the small-town kid who played D-1 basketball at Michigan State. It's that on a late Friday afternoon in Crystal Falls, Gussert, who just completed her Master's degree, was working with...

Anderson's versatility keyed her to POY honors

4/17/2020 | Feature | By Eden Laase

When Emma Anderson steps onto a basketball court, she’s hard to miss. Her appearance alone is striking: She’s 6-1 with white-blonde hair that stands out against her Maroon colored jersey.