Picking the boys district winners

2/25/2019 | Column | By Bryce Derouin

I remember the Detroit Free Press would always publish its district champion picks for the entire state of Michigan. You could get the Free Press at a gas station, so we would always be sure to check the sports section when the paper released its winners. I remember in 2009, the writers picked Carney-Nadeau to win our district, which angered us. In the UP, we were looked at as the favorites, and it really shouldn’t have mattered what someone downstate thought, but it ticked us off nonetheless. 

We did win that district, defeating C-N, and then proceeded to say things like, “What up Free Press?” We were quite petty. 

I started doing my own version of picking district winners with a column during my time at the Daily Mining Gazette. And now since we cover the entire UP, I figured I would pick the boys and girls winners. 

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