Our snubs: All-UP Girls Basketball teams

4/14/2020 | Column | By Staff

A s is tradition, debates ensue in the wake of the All-UP announcements. Players’ skill sets are compared, resumes are discussed and any oversights one may feel are typically brought to attention. It’s the natural result of a subjective voting system that normally includes over 20 voters.

This year, selecting the teams was less of an exact science than for previous seasons. With no in-person meeting, the ability to make a player’s case in front of a roomful of voters was absent. Detail and context were lost on each candidate. Instead, voters had to rely on a stat line and a few sentences about each player to make their picks, with no live discussions comparing players. Besides the pitches and conversations being the fun part of the meeting, they help other people who may not have seen certain players become better informed. We’re not going to imply that the Upper Peninsula Sportswriters and Sportscasters Association gets it 100 percent correct every year, but it’s fair to wonder how the All-UP teams could look different if the meeting was held under regular circumstances.

Upbeat’s writers, Bryce Derouin, Eden Laase and Keith Shelton, and Daily Globe Sports Editor Jason Juno, take a look at the players they feel were overlooked. Today we’re looking at the All-UP Girls teams.

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