One month down: Thanks for your support

12/26/2018 | Column | By Bryce Derouin

I t seems surreal that it’s been a month since we launched the subscription service at Upbeat. In that time, we’ve covered games from Cedarville to Calumet to Traverse City as we strive to give you in-depth coverage on teams across the UP. 

This also includes going beyond the box score and finding what out motivates some of the UP’s best athletes, like Iron Mountain’s Marcus JohnsonWest Iron County’s Eden GolliherCalumet’s Matt OjalaWestwood’s Tessa Leece and Madelyn Koski and Gladstone’s Reece Castor amongst others. We also looked at some successful coaches and what makes their programs so consistently strong like Dorene Ingalls at St. Ignace and Jake Polfus at Carney-NadeauNegaunee’s Dan Waterman was also gracious enough to answer every question about his return following a dramatic offseason. 

Then there’s our game coverage. In just under a month, Upbeat has covered 68 games so far. That doesn’t include the roundups we get sent to us. That’s 68 times Upbeat had a reporter present and delivered a comprehensive story that said more than, “This player had this many points, and this player also scored this many points.”

Some of you may have your subscriptions coming to an end, and you may notice it will require you to subscribe once more. Just go to your account screen and you can update your payment from there once again. If you subscribed with us early on, this is the step you will need to take to ensure access to Upbeat. Late subscribers already have the auto-renew feature turned on, meaning the account will automatically update and charge you when your month ends. If you wish to turn that off, you can do so in your account settings. Old subscribers who renew their subscriptions will also have this auto-renew feature available to them when they re-subscribe, so this means you won’t be asked to enter your account information in the future. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me at or at

Can we also talk about account sharing for a second? I’m not an idiot, I know it’s going on, and in some cases, I’m actually fine with it. If you’re just sharing it with a family member, I have no problem with that. The subscription is essentially meant for one household, similar to a newspaper subscription. That’s why in the future we will be limiting accounts to four active devices at a time. This means only four devices can be logged in at once. If you want more devices, you can always get another subscription. 

Unlike account sharing for Netflix or any other media organization, Upbeat isn’t funded by a large corporation outside the area. This project is self-funded by Eden Laase and myself and is possible with your continued support. So when you account share with an entire town or screen shot stories to send to others, it undermines our staff’s work. I’m not naive. I know some will still do this. But we didn’t create Upbeat to get rich — the subscription money we get goes to funding trips and our future plans for the website.

The reason we started Upbeat is because we saw the need for a UP-wide sports website featuring extensive coverage from talented and dedicated writers. We appreciate your support to this point, and we are looking forward to continue serving as the premier source of UP sports news.

Thanks again for reading and following along. We’re excited to do more going forward.


Bryce Derouin
Upbeat Co-Founder

Bryce Derouin

Bryce is a co-founder of Upbeat. He earned his journalism degree from Grand Valley State and served as the sports editor for three years at the Daily Mining Gazette in Houghton after working one year as a sports reporter at the Daily Press in Escanaba.