No doubt about it: Westwood solidifies top ranking, advances past WIC

3/12/2019 | Game Recap | By Bryce Derouin

M adelyn Koski was a year old when Westwood won its state title in 2003. She was in Rose Arena to witness the Patriots’ victory over Michigan Center but doesn’t have any recollection of being there, because, well, she was just 1. Still, when you grow up in a close-knit community that captured a state championship, it tends to stick with you. It’s why anytime she saw photos or trophies commemorating the ‘03 group, a sense of inspiration continued to manifest itself inside her.

“I look up at their poster, and when I see pictures of myself being at that game, I think that maybe I can be playing there,” she said. “I always talk about it with Tessa (Leece) that it’s our dream to make it far in the playoffs. That’s what we’ve been working for our whole lives.”

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