No. 3 Bessemer holds off Dollar Bay despite Busch’s absence

1/19/2019 | Game Recap | By Jason Juno (Daily Globe)

N o. 3 Bessemer didn’t score the last three minutes of the first half, and the Speedboys went into the locker room Friday night facing a 9-point deficit with their big man in the middle, Tyler Busch, in street clothes.

Coach Richard Matrella talked about better defense against a good Dollar Bay team and about how they settled for too many 3s in the half.

He didn’t need to say much, senior Cade Mazzon took care of it first.

“I didn’t think we were doing the best job of playing defense on screens and getting back on defense, just hustling in general,” Mazzon said. “I just told the team if we did that, we’d win the game. I don’t know if they got any points on screens and we got back on defense every single possession.”

The Speedboys outscored Dollar Bay by 17 points in the second half and stayed unbeaten in the Copper Mountain Conference with a 65-57 win.

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