No. 1 Brimley challenged but perseveres over Engadine

1/26/2019 | Game Recap | By Bryce Derouin

J oel Moore joked he thought he was going to have a stroke. Marcus Harris said he loved it, but admitted “there were times that sucked.” But despite the wave of emotions, the Brimley Bays likely needed a night like this. They needed to feel the weight of meaningful possessions late in the fourth quarter. Because as fun as it is to blow teams out with layup after layup, the road through March is filled with adversity and for the first time in over a month, they finally had a legitimate test, courtesy of the Engadine Eagles.

Engadine’s Andrew Blanchard might be the best Division 4 player in the UP, and he made his highlight-reel worthy plays including a dunk and some deep 3s. He came up with a steal and converted it for a layup to cut the deficit to four with 76 seconds left. No. 1 Brimley was vulnerable, which is saying something. 

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