Menominee wins close game over Escanaba

1/15/2019 | Game Recap | By Eden Laase

A s the season progresses, Menominee has gotten used to two different outcomes. The first, a win in which the Maroons overwhelm their opponents and cruise to victory. The second, a close loss, where the Maroons have their hearts broken in the late stages of a game. 

They’ve lost two such contests this season. In the season opener Westwood came back for a five-point overtime win, and last week, West Iron County beat Menominee by one point on a last-second shot.

When it comes right down to it, the Maroons simply didn’t know how to win close games. 
They do now.

Menominee topped Escanaba 41-34 in a game in which the Maroons trailed by a point with 3 minutes remaining. 

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