Marquette’s Brazeau shows off scoring ability in victory against Kingsford

1/4/2019 | Game Recap | By Eden Laase

S can a stat sheet from a Marquette game last season and you might not see much of Bryce Brazeau. Even now the senior point guard doesn’t do anything to make most people take a second look.

In fact, as Brazeau emerges from the locker room, perhaps the most eye-catching thing about him is the pair of yellow Spongebob socks he’s sporting — a Christmas gift from his girlfriend.

There’s no wow factor to going about your job, game after game, but Brad Nelson knows what he has with Brazeau, and that makes the coach happier than the little yellow sponge on his point guard’s feet.

“Looking at the stats over the last couple of years, Bryce hasn’t had huge numbers,” Nelson said after his team’s 67-49 win over Kingsford. “I’ve seen him since he was in third grade since I’m friends with his family. I know what he’s capable of doing, and other coaches know what he’s capable of doing, but the thing with stats is people and the media look at stats and they look at points. They don’t look at the player he is.”

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