Marcus Harris does it all for Brimley

1/3/2019 | Feature | By Eden Laase

M arcus Harris has a lot going on. 

First, there’s his look. Carmel-hued curls bouncing atop his head, mid-calf socks covered in different colored stars, and purple and yellow Kobes on his feet.

If that’s not enough to get your attention, the way Harris plays will.

When it comes to the 8-0 Bays, it’s hard to nail down Harris’ role on the team. Every few minutes he looks like a different player. 

He can hit deep 3s from all areas of the court, so he’s a shooter, right? 

Wait, he gets in players’ grills on the opposite end of the court, and never shies away from contact, especially when it comes to taking charges. So, he must be a defensive stopper. 

Hold on.
He’s clapping on the bench, cheering wildly after good plays and yelling “I love it!” when his teammates go the extra mile. That would make him the heart, and the leader of his team. 

Yes, yes and yes. 

Turns out, he’s all of those things and more. 

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