Madelyn Koski and the court that made her

1/18/2019 | Feature | By Eden Laase
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M adelyn Koski is perfect.

At least she tries to be. And sometimes she tries not to be.

Koski has a complicated relationship with perfection.

Take today for example. It’s the Saturday before finals week and Koski is at home with her family, college basketball plays on the TV in the background.

She likes to get up early, so as not to waste her day, but not too early because she knows she needs rest.

Koski is being careful not to overdo the studying. She’s done the calculations, and in order to maintain her straight As, the highest score she will need to get on a final is 80 percent. She probably doesn’t need to study, but of course she has been.

Every day Koski has an internal battle with herself. She’s a great student because she’s meticulous, and a great basketball player because she does things the right way. Her desire for perfection has led her to where she is today. But she’s also 16, and 16-year olds shouldn’t worry that much about being perfect. Sixteen-year-olds should have fun, and make mistakes.

See? Complicated.

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