LL-H stifles Chassell, wins 70-52

11/30/2018 | Game Recap | By Jason Sutherland

I n the preseason, Lake Linden-Hubbell head coach Jack Kumpula was not sure about the immediate future of his team. He knew the Lakes were talented, but there was no denying their youth would play a factor in the season with his team only starting one senior. He was optimistic they would compete against top teams in the Copper Mountain Conference but wondered if the important wins would come this season. On Thursday night, the Lakes surprised their coach by defeating the Chassell Panthers 70-52 in a game that was controlled by their uptempo attack from the opening tip.

“I’m a little shocked, a little surprised,” Kumpula said. “I never thought we would play that well, that fast, and handle their speed and their experience the way we did.”

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