Iron Mountain falls to Johannesburg-Lewiston on missed FG

1/10/2021 | Game Recap | By Bryce Derouin

E verything about this high school football season has been surreal. It started, stopped, restarted, paused and then returned ad nauseam with all the emotional swings that came from early August up through the end of 2020 and into January of the new year. There have been protests at the state capital with athletes donning signs and shirts saying “Let us play,” and social media rants across numerous timelines.

One of the main arguments of those in favor of prep sports is the sense of ordinariness it brings high school kids. It brings a daily routine of practice, film and prepping for games. There’s the camaraderie between coaches and players. Sports can be a great form of distraction in normal times, let alone with all the bullshit that’s happened in the past year. Any sense of normalcy is welcomed.

The games went on as scheduled for perhaps the final time, barring another unforeseen pause over the next two weeks. But the lingering awkwardness of playing through a pandemic remains.

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