How Lexi Gussert is exploring her passion for coaching

5/13/2020 | Feature | By Keith Shelton

H ere is everything you need to know about Lexi Gussert. It’s not the miles of accolades, the power moves, the lighting up of scoreboards all across the Upper Peninsula, or the small-town kid who played D-1 basketball at Michigan State.

It’s that on a late Friday afternoon in Crystal Falls, Gussert, who just completed her Master’s degree, was working with her former volleyball coach to help the Crystal View golf course get ready for the season. Because in this era of social distancing, she’ll take any opportunity she can to fulfill her passion for sports while giving back to her community at the same time.

“I just credit my parents and where I’m from. It’s a very athletic community and the golf course is right behind my house. It’s less than a half-mile to the baseball and soccer fields,” she said. “I definitely credit Crystal Falls and the small-town community where I came from.”

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