How Ishpeming’s Darius Yohe overcame adversity to attend William Woods

7/18/2019 | Feature | By Eden Laase

I t’s a hot Wednesday afternoon in the beginning of July. The temperature reads 84, but it feels hotter. In the Carney-Nadeau gym, a collection of teams hone their skills for the upcoming season. Summer team camps don’t draw much of a crowd, and other than the players awaiting their upcoming games, you won’t need more than 10 fingers to count the remaining spectators. They are parents and grandparents mostly, mixed in with the kids who are stretching, drinking Gatorade and sometimes napping in preparation for their next game. 

There are 15 teams playing in the tournament, and Ishpeming isn’t one of them. 

That’s important, because at the end of the court, sitting in a folding chair next to a white fan and a basketball is Darius Yohe. He graduated from Ishpeming this past May, and his attendance at the camp doesn’t make much sense. His alma mater isn’t playing, so he doesn’t have former teammates to cheer for. He’s finished with high school, so no reason to scout Ishpeming’s competition — yet there he is.

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