How Engadine is trying to shake things up with its own system

1/24/2019 | Feature | By Bryce Derouin

E ven now in its tamer state, in order to understand Engadine’s system, you have to throw out all prior notions you had about basketball. The quick 3 that came within the first five seconds? That’s by design. The platoon substitutions are, too. So is the constant full-court pressure that can turn any game into straight mayhem and a nightmare for any official. If the opponent features a press of its own, the whistles might get worn out by halftime. 

This is Engadine basketball, and it’s undeniably entertaining. You won’t hear any debate about high school basketball needing a shot clock when you watch the Eagles play, and even with a style that goes against the UP’s typical norms, Engadine is having success. The Eagles have won six in a row and could be the biggest east end threat to No. 1 Brimley. 

“Every team in the newspaper says they want to push the ball, but this is pushing the ball to the extreme,” Engadine coach Walter Hanson said. 

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