How Dakota Galeazzi became a college volleyball player in the UP

6/10/2019 | Feature | By Eden Laase

D akota Galeazzi is running. Not for fun, not to get somewhere, but for punishment. You see, he did something that lacked discipline. He skipped practice. So his soccer coach has him running.

And with every winded breath and cleat hitting the soft grass Galeazzi is learning his lesson. 

It’s just not the lesson his coach intended. 

The lesson was supposed to be “Don’t every skip practice again.” But all Galeazzi could think was “This was worth it.”

If he could go back he would skip again. No matter how many sprints, no matter how many disapproving glances the coach sent his way, given the chance at a redo, Galeazzi would skip soccer practice over and over and over again.

And the thing is, he doesn’t lack discipline. Galeazzi works hard, and he loves sports. So, he must of skipped for a good reason, right?


He skipped to watch a volleyball game. 

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