Everything you need to know about ‘One Minute’: The Iron Mountain Basketball documentary

1/11/2020 | Feature | By Staff

R ecently, we announced our collaboration with Mountain Media Works to shoot a documentary entitled ‘One Minute,’ where we look to tell the story of the Iron Mountain boys basketball team as it looks to capture a state title following last season’s runner-up finish.

We understand that some may have questions, or may be looking to contribute, so we compiled this Q & A in hopes of providing more answers and context about the project.

To help fund this project, you can visit our GoFundMe by clicking here.

If you haven’t seen the trailer, you can check it out below.

Aren’t you guys already working on this documentary? Why do you need money?

We’ve been developing the concept for this film since July, and we started filming during the week leading up to the season. So yes, we are already working on the project. However, as the season progresses we will need more equipment for video, editing and audio. We also need to cover the costs for our film crew and travel. So far, the money we have put down has come out of our own pockets. We paid these initial expenses because we are passionate about the project and needed to get started, but we can only do so much on our own.

What happens if you don’t get enough donations?

This is simple. If we don’t raise the funds by the end of January, we will have to stop production. In other words, the documentary doesn’t get made.

What does the money cover?

The money we are raising covers a variety of equipment, from the new iPhone (for unobtrusive, candid filming), digital cameras, microphones, lighting equipment, sound equipment, memory drives and backups for footage.

In addition, Upbeat is partnering with Mountain Media Works. Michael Johns and Seth Anderson are dedicating themselves entirely to this documentary, meaning they won’t have other projects to supplement incomes. Because of their hard work and commitment, fees, as well as travel expenses, will need to be paid for.

You are raising $20,000, but I can only give a little money. Should I bother donating?

Yes! If 500 people donate $40, that would cover the whole cost. If 4,000 people donated $5, that would also fund the project. We know not everyone can give to a project like this, and those who can still have their own budgets to deal with. Every little bit helps.

I’m not an Iron Mountain fan, why should I donate?

Iron Mountain basketball may be the subject of this film, but this is a movie for everyone. Especially people from the Upper Peninsula who want to see our community get the coverage it deserves. A documentary like this will have a wide reach across the country, and it can put the UP on the map.

Furthermore, wherever you went to school, or whoever you cheer for, there is no denying the power of this story. Last season, the UP banded together to support the Mountaineers in their postseason run, and when it ended in tragic, controversial fashion, the community continued its support.

The Mountaineers basketball team may be the focus, but as we chronicle the team’s season this year, we will tell an underdog story of hard work, dedication and community — all things the UP as a whole is known for.

I have a business that is interested in sponsoring the project. How should I do that and what would I get out of it?

Business sponsors for this project would be doing a great service to the community. They would ensure that 20 years from now, people will still be able to relive Iron Mountain’s incredible story. These sponsors would also bring positive attention to the UP, and to their businesses.

Upon completion, this documentary will have the quality of a program you would see on places like Netflix, HBO and Apple. Those are the kinds of companies we would look to sell the program to, which would mean massive exposure for your business. If you want to get involved in sponsoring the project, contact eden.laase@theupbeatsports.com or bryce.derouin@theupbeatsports.com. Don’t miss the chance to be a part of something incredible.

When will this documentary be finished and will we be able to see it?

Right now, we expect to finish the documentary by next fall. Once it is finished, it will premiere, for the first time in Iron Mountain, and then all across the UP. Meaning, members of the UP community will be the first to see the finished product.

Why are you making this?

To put it simply, this is an incredible story. This story matters, because every small town has a story like this one. It’s exciting and compelling, yet ordinary all at the same time. It is a true reflection of sports and life in a small town.

At Upbeat, and at Mountain Media Works, we are dedicated to telling stories in the UP. We want to bring this to the big screen so that people across the country can see what we see in the UP every day.