Esky, Westwood using summer camps to mesh new rosters

7/11/2019 | Feature | By Eden Laase

I f you wander into a high school gym at any point in the summer and happen upon a team camp game, be warned: This will probably be the worst basketball you see all year. You’ll see turnovers, messed up offensive sets, missed layups, miscommunications on defense and a plethora of other miscues. 

Summer basketball is messy and chaotic, but it serves a purpose. After all, if a team is playing its best basketball in July, that’s a problem. It means by the time season rolls around, all those other teams will have gotten better, and teams that had no issues to solve in summer league are left behind. 

You know that cliche coaches love to use: “Basketball players are made in the summer.”

It’s true. 

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