Detroit Edison’s slew of presses can’t stop Iron Mountain

3/14/2019 | Feature | By Jason Sutherland
East Lansing

C oming into Thursday afternoon’s state semifinal matchup with the Detroit Edison Pioneers, the Iron Mountain Mountaineers knew they were going to be at a bit of a physical disadvantage. The Pioneers feature ten players over 6-2 and possess the depth to rotate fresh size into the game whenever the situation dictates. The combination of depth and size was a key point for Edison’s game-plan, with the Pioneers attempting to pressure the Mountaineers up and down the floor, trying to get to their bench by tiring out their starters.

Iron Mountain’s ability to break Edison’s various press looks was a deciding factor in the Mountaineers’ 60-57 victory, as the Pioneers were unable to find consistent success with any of their defensive looks.

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