BR-H adjusts style, defeats Escanaba for 6-0 start

1/3/2019 | Game Recap | By Bryce Derouin

A t first, the Bark River-Harris Broncos tried to be themselves. That means pressing, full-court traps and pushing the ball at such a frantic pace that the tempo of a game can border on chaos. 

And for the most part, this works, because BR-H typically has a deeper stable of athletes and the length and speed to overwhelm its opponents. 

So it was a bit weird to see the Escanaba Eskymos throw it all back in BR-H’s face. There were leakouts for uncontested layups and the steadiness of Lexi Chaillier busting through BR-H’s pressure to set her teammates up for clean looks at the basket. Escanaba was beating BR-H at its own game. 

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