Boys rankings: Negaunee grinds out win; new teams at No. 5

1/14/2019 | Column | By Bryce Derouin

A fter looking at the first poll, there wasn’t anything major I would deem that out of place. One voter didn’t put the Ontonagon girls in its top five, which I guess is fine if the basis used was the Gladiators don’t play anyone, leaving them undeserving of a top five spot despite being undefeated when the poll dropped. I didn’t vote for the Ironwood boys and used the same logic. The difference for me is I covered Ontonagon last season, so I know the team has a solid group of athletes that returned from its district final appearance a season ago. As for Ironwood, well, the sources I’ve talked to haven’t quite raved about the team. Not anything bad, but there are others who think the Red Devils are not a top-five team in Divisions 1-3. 

The other aspect of the poll that is questionable is how we have a voter who doesn’t even go to any of the games. Go figure that one out. 

Here are my boys rankings for the week:

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