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Foster Wonders: The UP's most intriguing recruit

Foster Wonders: The UP's most intriguing recruit

Foster Wonders: The UP's most intriguing recruit

1/8/2019 | Feature | By Bryce Derouin |

There are numerous anecdotes that go into Foster Wonders being the most interesting UP recruit in recent history. There’s the one about him scrimmaging against the Michigan Tech men as an eighth-grader, pitting him against college athletes before he played his first high school game — and holding his own, at that. There’s the full scholarship offer he received from...


Calumet's Mike Ojala resigns as boys basketball coach

4/17/2019 | Feature | By Bryce Derouin |

Known for his fiery persona that many of his teams took on, Calumet’s Mike Ojala recently found it more difficult to find the same energy and passion to prepare for each basketball season. The demands of being an offensive coordinator and head coach throughout a calendar year were taking its toll, and after 21 years of leading the Calumet program,...


Podcast: Recapping the All-UP meeting

4/1/2019 | Podcast | By Staff

Bryce and Eden recap the All-UP meeting and the selections for the All-UP teams. They also give a brief overview about the site's plans for this spring.


Boys coaches make their picks for All-UP

3/28/2019 | Feature | By Staff |

All-UP selections usually draw some form of controversy among coaches, players and fans. Not everyone will agree with the Upper Peninsula Sportswriters and Sportscasters Association and that will never change. Those issues aside, we figured we’d give a different perspective on All-UP teams from coaches who see players throughout the UP. We polled coaches who gave their thoughts on the...


Previewing the potential boys All-UP Dream Team

3/26/2019 | Column | By Eden Laase |

With the All-UP teams dropping this weekend, Upbeat is breaking down the possibilities on the girls and boys side. Today is the second installment of the All-UP preview. It breaks down the five players the Upbeat staff looks at as the favorites to earn All-UP Dream Team honors on the boys side. We’ll also be releasing coach’s picks for All-UP...


Fans relish Iron Mountain's deep tournament run

3/18/2019 | Feature | By Eden Laase |

The Breslin Center is a long way from Iron Mountain; 425 miles to be exact. When you’re on the road, the best thing to do in order to maintain a level of comfort is to bring a little home with you. The Mountaineers brought a lot. During Iron Mountain’s state semi and final games, the student section was packed with...