After success at the freshman level, Mason prepares to lead Marquette varsity

8/30/2019 | Feature | By Bryce Derouin

D uring a preseason practice, a loud booming voice can be heard as the Marquette Redmen go through a defensive drill. No, it’s not that of new head coach, Eric Mason; instead, the projecting voice is coming from veteran assistant Dan Flynn.

But if you ask any of the Redmen about their new head coach, they’re quick to note Mason’s intense demeanor. And when you find out Mason played under Flynn during his time as Escanaba’s head coach, then it all makes sense.

“The main thing I learned from him is a quote that he uses to this day. It goes with his coaching, and it was always his mantra that your job is to always take care of kids,” Mason said. “At the end of the day, that’s your job, and along the way you hope to be successful. But as long as the kids know you care about them and you’ll do what’s in their best interest, that’s the heart of it right there.”

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