Kingsford defeats Ishpeming 56-45 in Harry’s return to coaching

12/4/2018 | Game Recap | By Eden Laase

B rooke Kriegl caches the ball at the top of the key with 2:20 left on the clock. Her Flivvers are running a stall as they nurse a 10-point lead over Ishpeming. Kingsford held a comfortable lead for most of the second half, but in the last few minutes Ishpeming began to make a run, and now as Kriegl finds herself open, the Flivvers aren’t looking for a shot, and certainly not a 3-pointer — but she’s tempted.

It’s the kind of shot that is killer if you make it, and potentially killer in another way if you miss.

Kriegl doesn’t miss.

The ball falls through the hoop, and from there Kingsford coasts to a 56-45 win.

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